Women are crazy. Myth or fact?


On this episode of Mythbusters, we explore the female mind.

During a recent Starbucks break with Jordan, we got into relationship discussions over Iced Vanilla Lattes (yes, iced drinks in December). Crazy ex-girlfriends… stupid ex-boyfriends – you know the drill. However, we discovered a common denominator: women are crazy. Myself included. It’s true. We are. Some might seem less crazy or are just better at hiding it.

In an earlier episode of How I Met Your Mother, Barney Stinson explained the Hot/Crazy Scale.

So from what I understand is, a guy will only put up with the crazy based on how hot she is.

Whatever the case may be, here are a few positives of having a crazy girl:

  • You know she loves you. Yo – she really does. She cares enough to wild out about the things you do. If you’re out there doing your thing and she really doesn’t care, that’s an indicator of how she feels about you.
  • She’s passionate. She has a passionate personality. She’s energetic and caring. She’s probably good in the bedroom too.
  • She’ll back you up. Someone giving you a hard time? She’ll ride with you until the end. If she needs to smack a b*tch for you, she will.
  • Her craziness becomes predictable. These supposedly non-crazy chicks might seem tame, but you never know when she’ll go off. At least if you know your girl’s crazy, you know what to expect – for the most part.
  • You get to make up. You know that really heated fight you got into? It’s over now. You’re making up now. The excitement of the fight brings more excitement during reconciliation… If you know what I mean.

There are different levels of crazy. It’s up to you to decide how much you can take. Feel free to use Barney’s scale if you need help.

So we all agree, we (women) are crazy. But with all that being said… are we crazy because men are stupid? Think about it!



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