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April 13, 2012

Why She Wants To Meet Your Friends

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Written by: Anna Bediones
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You like her. She likes you. The two of you get along great and at some point she will need to meet your friends.




Your friends are a reflection of who you are.

She wants to know what kind of person you are outside your relationship with her. She wants to see what you do for fun, what makes you happy and what you’re like around other people you’re comfortable with. She wants to know what kind of people you associate with and if they are positive or negative influences in your life. She wants to see if she likes the other sides of you.


She wants them to like her.

No woman wants to be hated by her man’s friends. She wants the guys to see how cool she is and that she makes him happy. We all know that friends can be a strong influence on both ends, so she wants to make sure their opinion of her is positive. She wants your friends to love her as much as her friends love you. She also wants you to see that she’s putting an effort into being a part of your life. Plus, wouldn’t you want to see your girl getting along with your best buds?


She wants to be friends with them too.

Seriously! She wants to be able to hang out with you and your friends. She wants to be accepted into your circle and go on double dates with your best friend and his girlfriend. Sure, she has her own group of friends but it’s nice to switch it up sometimes. Seeing as you have great taste in women, surely you would have great taste in friends as well.



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