What To Get Your Girlfriend For Christmas

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It’s that time of year again. Christmas is great, but for many guys, it can be problematic. The million dollar question: what do I get for the lady in my life? The female species tends to be extremely analytic (aka, we analyze everything you say and do), so approach with caution.

Before you begin, consider the following. How long have you been together? Where do you see this relationship going?


The Almost-Girlfriend
You definitely see potential in this girl, but you’re not quite there yet. You want her to know you like her but you don’t want to move too quickly. If you haven’t really established your relationship, stick to something light.

The New Girlfriend
Avoid super expensive gifts unless you’re really ballin’ like that. You don’t want to set the bar too high because after this Christmas, you’ll be in an even bigger problem. Keep it simple.

The Long-term Girlfriend
You guys have been together for a while, so you should know a lot about her by now. What does she like? What does she enjoy? You want her to know you love her (even if you haven’t said it yet).

The Girl Friend
Hold on… Why are you getting this girl a gift? Unless she’s a super close friend, a girl you want to be with, or a girl whose name you picked out of a hat, she doesn’t need anything from you. In any case, a DVD, CD, or a cool book would be fine.

Here are some gift ideas:

  • Something inside a Little Blue Box. Girls love jewelry. If you’re at that level and you can afford it… go for it. A ring, a bracelet, or a necklace are all good ideas.
  • A watch. Whether it’s gold, silver, black, or a vintage-inspired leather strap style, a watch is a timeless piece. Some brands to look at: Nixon, Michael Kors, Fossil. You can pick up something from $80 to $400 and up.
  • Cashmere. So soft and smooth. Think: gloves, scarves, cardigans. (I know I said to avoid clothes but cashmere is pretty foolproof).
  • Artwork. Maybe your girl is into art. Maybe photography. Buy a canvas print or have something framed.
  • Stuffed animals. I personally hate stuffed animals but I know a lot of girls like this. Check out Build-a-Bear, where you can create your own animal to suit her personality.
  • A cool book. Head over to your local Chapters – they have tons of great stuff. Coffee table books are always fun. Or, if she’s really into novels, perhaps a first-edition of her favourite book.
  • Gadgets. A lot of girls are into these as guys are! iPod, iPad, Accessories, etc.
  • Tickets. A show, a sports game, a concert, etc. Movie tickets probably won’t suffice.
  • Make something personal. Be creative! Think: a book of hand-made coupons, a framed photo, a mixtape (I’m serious), etc.
  • A care package. Put together a bunch of small things that you know she loves. A cool gift I once got involved a Wonder Woman lunchbox filled with PostIts and school supplies (I’m nerdy but I loved it!).

The Common Denominator

Again, all girls are different. Keep it simple – it doesn’t have to be expensive. The key is to pay attention. Chances are, she’s probably already hinted what she wants. Money isn’t the most important thing in the world. If she gets mad at you over that, then maybe she’s not the one for you anyway.

With that being said, try to make sure the two of you are on similar pages with regards to budget. You don’t want to be that guy giving her a burned CD while she gives you a PS3. Good luck!

Got other ideas to share? Comments? I’d love to hear from you!



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