Walk Of Fame – Picking The Right Costume For Halloween And The Morning After

Before men can fully embrace Movember and all its unshaven glory, there remains one last unavoidable hurdle.


With Halloween comes the obligation to attend at least one themed party. Naturally, you probably haven’t picked your costume weeks in advance. That’s OK. But then again, you don’t want to be going as a football player for the fourth straight year.

Each year, on at least one occasion, a man must swallow his pride and wear clothing better suited for a theatre stage than a couch.

To help you keep your cool and look stylish, here are some tips on what to wear and avoid this Halloween.

(1) Think outside the box, don’t wear one.

Even though the whole point of Halloween is to dress up as some fantastic fictional character, there are very few ways to dress up as a piece of lego and still manage to grab a hot date.  If you’re planning on donning any cardboard material, keep in mind that those pointy corners of your otherwise stunning costume can just as easily maim your date’s eye  rather than seal the deal.

(2) Keep Star Trek and Star Wars in your bedroom.

As men, we all get it.  Star Wars is cool.  Star Trek is cool.  But they’re only cool within the confines of your man cave. Unless you meet a woman who shares an interest in all things Jedi, keep the Trekkie gear in your closet; at least  until the next Comic-Con.

(3) Don’t wear more makeup than the girl you plan on attracting.

When James Cameron released Avatar in 2009, the phenomenon of the film lasted until the next Halloween. Look, we get it. The movie is awesome. But sweat and blue paint don’t mix well. You don’t want to look like a disoriented, drunken Papa Smurf.

Bottom line, less is more.  Stay away from the boxy, complex, and excessive costumes that get you an extra glance, but not much more.  Instead, choose a costume that is fitted and comfortable to move around in.  Remember, when you’re not worrying about giving someone a paper cut (or explaining what your costume is), there’s a better chance you’ll be enjoying yourself.

So get out there, and find a persona you’d like to borrow for the night.

Written by CAVE contributor: Kevin Chan

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