TRUKFIT Releases Summer 2013 Collection


TRUKFIT has released their Summer 2013 Collection. For those who don’t know TRUKFIT was created by Lil Wayne and is an acronym for “The Reason You Kill For It.” The acronym is fitting as it plays back to Lil Wayne’s experiences as a child growing up where he would buy knock-offs from a clothing booster truck. Thus, when other people would see Wayne wearing these clothes, they would call them truck fit.

This is where the root of the clothing comes from. Wayne couldn’t afford big name brands growing up, so now he’s made a big name brand that is affordable. The line is rooted in skater culture, with tanks, snapbacks, tight denim and bright colors.

At CAVE we had the privilege of receiving a bunch of the summer collection to review. Without further adieu, we are proud to show you a few pieces of the large TRUKFIT Summer 2013 collection.











With Summer around the corner, lightweight 3/4 length tees and tanks go well with boardshorts.











The line is filled with many different hats ranging in color. We recommend the classic above.











For those looking to get something right away while we’re still in Spring, we’d recommend one of the crew neck sweatshirts like the one above.

For more items head over to





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