January 6, 2012

Toronto Maple Leafs: The Strenuous Girlfriends of the NHL

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Written by: CAVE Editors
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You think things will get better, maybe the girl will change, be less uptight, become cooler to hang out with and hoping your boys will accept her BUT…it never happens.

It’s hard to escape the feeling of ‘deja vu’ when observing the hated/beloved Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team. For the second straight year, the Leafs erupted with an onslaught of goals and solid defence, leading to first place in the Eastern Conference. Fans truly believed the Leafs were bound to make the playoffs for the first time since the lockout due to the supposed “head start” on the rest of the league. Then, the boys in blue did it again, they started playing like the Leafs. They are now currently 10th place in the Eastern conference, with the likes of the rebuilding New Jersey Devils and the youthful Winnipeg Jets ahead of them and Leaf fans are panicking at an alarming rate. The expressions ” G– d– Leafs” and “Fire Wilson” are being echoed through out the city…

Hearts of Leaf fans are being tugged like someone trying to tune a guitar. It reminds me of those dudes who stay with their girlfriends even though their friends and family KNOW it’s the wrong girl for them. You think things will get better, maybe the girl will change, be less uptight, become cooler to hang out with and hoping your boys will accept her BUT…it never happens. The Leafs will continue to drag their fans along like a puppy just like how some women will continue to agonize their man who refuses to let go. Honestly, if you’re going to be a die hard fan, or continue to stay in your relationship, it’s your own fault for being depressed, it comes with the territory.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a Leaf fan at heart, however I am also a realist and I know the Leafs are a few years and a few pieces away from being a legitimate playoff contender (notably, some reliable defence and a true #1 goalie, I’m sick of the Reimer vs. Gustavsson debate). With the re-signing of coach Ron Wilson, Leaf fans are caught in limbo, as well is the future of the franchise.

I can’t wait for the Leafs to make the playoffs, and I I hope those dudes that are in terrible relationships wake up, smell the roses and free themselves of the agony. C’mon, if Joe Pa can leave Penn State, fellas can definitely leave their girlfriends for greener pastures.

Written for CAVE by Michael Skrzyniak



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