Top TV Shows that Ended Before their Time

1. How to Make it in America(2010-2011) -New York City, if you can make there, you can make it anywhere. This is where the show takes place where it primarily follows the struggle of Cam and Ben, two best friends who are trying to make something of themselves. Whenever it looks like things are going in their favor, something goes wrong. How Cam and Ben respond to the mess ups is what makes the show great. The characters aren’t elaborate, they are real. They go through family, relationship and business problems similar to any young people trying to make something of themselves. It’s a shame this show had to be cancelled, because quality wise, it was one of HBO’s top pieces. The last two seasons of Entourage got by on simply being a name that everyone knew, if How to Make it in America had received better ratings who knows what could have been.




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