Top 5 TV Dramas Returning This Fall

With fall around the corner and summer nearing its end, we have at least one thing to get excited for: great fall television. Breaking Bad, the best show on TV, is already in full swing and sets off a lineup of new and returning TV shows. Here at CAVE, we’re anxiously awaiting the return of a few of the best TV dramas currently airing. Without further ado, here’s what we’re looking forward to…

5. Dexter

Season 7, Showtime

 September 30, 2012

The last few seasons of Dexter have made us feel as if the show’s creators were dragging their feet while figuring out where to take our friendly neighbourhood serial killer. However, the last scene of the season 6 finale indicated that Dexter may finally be set to take on his greatest conflict yet.

Why we’re excited

We’ve watched Dexter elude capture, eliminate psychopathic enemies and overcome his own inner demons over the past 6 seasons. Now we’re simply looking forward to see the creators round out the story and find out whether Harry’s Rules will help Dexter stave off the inevitable: his loved ones discovering who he really is.

4. Sons of Anarchy

Season 5, FX

September 11, 2012

Last season, our favourite motorcycle gang finally came out of a storyline lull and brought to head some of the underlying conflicts in the group. The season finale may have left a bit to be desired but Kurt Sutter, the show’s creator, has hardly shown all his cards.

Why we’re excited

If the season 4 finale and the season 5 trailers are any indication, Jax Teller is finally set to take the mantle as SAMCRO’s president. We’re excited to find out whether the new-found power will make him a dissident like his father or corrupt him like Clay. Even more so, we’re waiting to find out the fate of Clay Morrow.

3. The Walking Dead

Season 3, AMC

October 14, 2012

Our favourite zombie apocalypse drama set a record with 9 million viewers tuning in for its season 2 finale. When we last saw the survivors, they finally left the farm where they had been camped, having fought off internal and external monsters.

Why we’re excited

The last few scenes of the finale had the twitter world abuzz and zombie nerds pantie-tied, as they hinted at a new major story arc and brand new characters to be introduced in season 3. We’re looking forward to the introduction of hood-clad, kitana-wielding Michonne, whom we caught a glimpse of in the finale. The last scene also showed us the massive prison where the survivors will camp out and hinted that viewers will likely meet the corrupt uber-villain, Governor.

2. Boss

Season 2, Starz

August 17, 2012

The best show on TV that you’re probably not already watching. Boss is the story of power and the price some people will pay to hold onto that power. Season 1 of Boss saw the powerful, corrupt mayor Tom Kane watch as the world around him began to crumble, and how in one masterful swoop he took it all back.

Why we’re excited

Kelsey Grammer’s acting as the ruthless Tom Kane was so magnificent and convincing that it made us forget his Frasier persona and won him a Best Performance in a TV-series Drama Golden Globe (beating out favourites Bryan Cranston and Steve Buscemi). The show itself also garnered a nomination for best Drama. We’re excited to see Grammer return in this great role and find out where the show’s creators take us.

1. Boardwalk Empire

Season 3, HBO

September 16, 2012

The critically acclaimed show returns this fall with our favourite prohibition-era politician. At the end of season 2, Steve Buscemi’s Enoch “Nucky” Thompson reasserted himself as the most powerful man in Atlantic City by fostering important new relationships and eliminating some of his biggest foes.

Why we’re excited

Terrence Winter’s drama has all the ingredients to make it one of the best TV shows currently airing. We’re excited to see where Nucky goes next and eagerly looking forward to gangsters Al Capone and Lucky Luciano playing a greater role.



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