Top 10 Best Toronto Raptors of All-Time

We took the task of Ranking the 10 greatest players of the only NBA franchise Toronto has ever known. We scored all of our players on a fifty point scale, where up to ten points were evenly awarded to player for:

1)Fan Reception: Toronto fans are an interesting bunch, we dont care for stats all that much, it’s about respecting the city, people and putting in effort. Each player’s relationship with the fans is evaluated from the time their name is picked at the draft, until their departure. It’s all about whether the fans had their back.

2)Intangibles: The feature each player can perform that is not specificaly on the box score. things like Hustle, Leadership, Versatility, basketball I.Q., intensity, and Work Ethic is the model for this. We all know from many instances in this franchises history that not always the best players have the best intangibles. The acceptance and embrace of the players role is important.

3) Stats: Easy concept, this the mathematical average. Minutes and Games played have as much significance as the totals and averages of players’ points, rebounds, steals, assists, and turnovers.
4) League-Wide Recognition: Simple, how do they match up to the NBA and fans in other cities? Dominant moments such All-Star nods, Contest wins, Olympic wins, All-NBA teams, NBA record and averaging out a players numbers strictly as a Raptor are what counts.

5) Legacy: How are they remembered as Raptors, are they even remembered as playing for the team? was their contribution significant? What impact did they have? Impact of the franchise and the combination of the previous four categories is what impacts this.

In addition to ranking the top ten, we post the 5 highest ranking players who did not make the cut, and why. Let us know what you think and what you would change and why.

FR:= Fan Reception
 I:= Intagibles
S:= Stats
LR:= League Recognition
FL:= Franchise Legacy
T:= Total (scored out of 50)




  • Faiz says:

    Its sad how the 3 greatest raptors of all time each left the organization when hitting their primes so we will never know how great they could have been in purple/red.

  • Jordan says:

    I think the mismanagement of talent with the raps has been the biggest problem. I am almost certain the average Canadian could probably do a better job in the predraft war room… Im personally still rooting for Matt Bonner as my favorite Raptor, mostly for environmental reasons….

  • DB Cooper says:

    When Vince won the dunk comp, we were on top of the world and haven't even come close since. He did something for Toronto as a sports city that no other athlete has done since in my opinion. Yes he left in bad taste, but unfortunately that is the business of sports these days. You just have to remember the good times. On a sidenote, Phoenix has put Vince on waivers…a possible return to the city he started in to finish his career.?.?…..

    • @DB Cooper I was thinking the same thing last night. Could the Raptors bring him back to let him finish off his career? Even though he has been less than mediocre on every team hes played on in the last couple seasons, he could come back to Toronto and be the best player on the roster. But I don't see Colangelo making this type of move any time soon.

  • Marc says:

    Where is Charlie V????

  • Ahmed says:

    Great list! Pretty close to how I would have ranked them.

  • Gharone mclean says:

    I'm really feeling the list but what happened to chauncey billups? We had him for almost nothing then let him go for even less. Finals mvp!

  • Isaac says:

    Damn, I didn't realize people were leaving comments.


  • Scott Pizer says:

    I'd would like to advocate anybody studying this to view the comments above complimenting this story to indicate how ridiculous it can be.

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