The How to Shoe Guide for Every Man

We are men, we do not need the elaborate shoe collections like that of our female counterparts. Though we do need to have some variety when it comes to our own shoe collection. The days of having one pair of black runners that served you  for all events whether it was track meets or weddings is over. You aren’t 13 anymore, it’s time to literally, “step it up.”  Women after looking at your face will immediately take their eyes to your feet. Your shoes define the level of respect you have for your wardrobe as a whole. What is the point of wearing a brand new shirt, if you are going to wear running shoes with jeans to combo it? I have listed the 5 Essential pairs of shoes that every man should have.


Runners: These shoes are the shoes that you use for working out and working out only. They only go on at the gym or when going for a run. Once the workout is done you are to take these shoes off and not see them until your next trip to the gym. My personal favorite is the nike free 7.0.


Boat Shoes: Boat/deck shoes are casual slip on loafers that can we worn without socks. A dark brown boat shoe, allows for you to look trendy, though still staying comfortable and casual. Make sure when worn to have a matching coloured belt to go along with your new kicks. For boat shoes there are many options, but I would recommend going with the Sperry Topsiders.


Narrow Tip Dress Shoes: Classy and clean never goes out of style. A proper black narrow tipped dress shoe is an absolutely essential staple in any mans wardrobe. Clothes make the man, but the man is nothing without the proper shoes. If you are working in an office the dress code is a given, but these shoes are important to have for nights on the town, weddings, and first dates. You can find the Correro as seen in the picture at Aldo retailers.


Sneakers: I would strongly suggest having a few pairs of sneakers, but only if the budget allows it. This is the pair that you will get the most wear out of. Whether it’s a walk to the grocery store, going to see a movie, or simply  picking up your morning coffee, these are the shoes you will wear. They are casual, and probably your favorite pair of shoes to put on. Take good care of this pair, the occasional scrub never hurt any pair of shoes. My recommendation is a pair of Converse

“Chuck Taylor’s,” as seen in the picture.


Sandals: The last pair of shoes that every man must have is a reliable pair of sandals. Backless is key, and try to find a sandal that does not have the divider between the big and second toes, they tend to cause uncomfortable blistering. Sandals are meant for more than just the beach, a large majority of athletes wear sandals to their sporting events before changing into their sport specific shoe. They are also great for running out the trash, or hanging around the house. If you are running the groceries in from the car, this is the pair of shoes. My recommendation would be a sandal made by either Adidas or Nike as seen in the picture.



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