February 2, 2012

The Do’s and Dont’s of Winter Style

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Written by: Anna Bediones
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So far, we’ve had a fairly mild winter. However, it’s only a matter of time before the snow catches up to us. No matter how “hot” you might think you are, it won’t be enough to weather the cold North American winters.

The key to winter style is to dress appropriately for the weather while balancing functionality and style. Yes, it’s possible; no, you don’t have to break the bank.



Invest in a quality pair of boots to keep your feet warm. Find something waterproof with insulated lining.


Trudge around in the snow in the same Chucks you wear throughout the summer.




Invest in a winter jacket. Look for something down-filled and waterproof. Or, if that’s really not your style, try a wool peacoat.


Try to be brave. You’re not fooling anyone, walking around in your favourite hoodie. Man up and admit it – you’re cold.



Mix it up a little. Wear a down vest or a varsity jacket on milder days when a parka is just too much.


Go overboard. It’s not summer yet – keep the shorts inside.



Wear accessories! Pick up a toque and scarf to keep your head warm. Pick up some gloves to prevent your fingers from falling off. Grab wool socks to protect your feet.


Freeze to death!


Layer your clothes! Play with textures. Try a flannel button up. Thermals, tees, cardigans and even your summer tops can be rotated into winter if you layer them.


Be afraid to experiment.


Hopefully this helps! Keep yourself warm, but look cool this winter.



About the Author

Anna Bediones
Anna lives in the Toronto suburb of Mississauga where she double-majored in Communications, Culture & Information Technology (CCIT) and Professional Writing. Anna brings a female perspective to the site as the editor of the "From Her" section. She also freelances in graphic and web design, making her an essential part of the CAVE team.


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