The Curious Case of Ryan Callahan

New York City. The media capital of the world. Birthplace of Linsanity and the new home of Tebow-mania. A market where good (but not necessarily great) players are often praised and regarded as superstars.

 In the Big Apple, whether you embrace or succumb to the city’s demands, one thing is for certain. Nobody flies under the radar.

Well, almost nobody.

I’ll elaborate.

If you’re reading this article, it’s unlikely that you actually live in Manhattan. Nonetheless, you probably know the captains of all of New York’s major sports franchises.

And really, why wouldn’t you?

Knicks captain Carmelo Anthony had a reality show on VH1. Giants captain Eli Manning has been on the cover of every major newspaper twice in the last five years. Jets captain Mark Sanchez was a GQ cover story. And Yankees captain Derek Jeter? Well, we know more about his ex-girlfriends than we do about the entire Yankees outfield.

But what about Rangers captain Ryan Callahan?

Callahan’s name doesn’t resonate like Eli’s, Carmelo’s, Derek’s or even Mark’s. He’s not mentioned on Chelsea Lately, TMZ or David Letterman. He’s not a staple of newspapers, sports radio or online message boards. He’s not even a regular topic of discussion amongst NHL analysts and experts.

But the 27-year-old forward might be most underrated player in today’s NHL. And in that sense, he’s probably the most underpublicized star athlete currently residing in the Empire City.




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