The Art of Job-Hunting: Lesson 2 – Building Your Network

2. Use Social Networking Effectively

Social networking can be a valuable tool when looking for career opportunities. You can use Facebook to reconnect with people you know. Some people and employers may even use Facebook to advertise job postings.

The best social networking tool for careers is LinkedIn. Use LinkedIn to build a professional profile, upload a resume, join employer groups and start building your contacts.

 3. Go to Job-Fairs

Universities and colleges frequently have recruiting events where a large number of employers attend. In addition, there are always job fairs open to the public held at hotels or convention centres. Aside from the obvious, going to job fairs or recruiting events can have two additional advantages: you can build contacts and practice meeting with recruiters. Job Fairs are a good way of finding out about the latest industry trends in employment. There may be opportunities that you never knew about or even considered previously. Moreover, the more recruiters you speak to, the more confidence you will build to tackle hard questions in interviews.

Make sure to keep any business cards or brochures you gather from the sessions. If you spoke to any recruiters, contact them after a few days. Thank them for speaking to you and ask if you can meet them over coffee for a fifteen minute informational interview.



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