The 4 Best TV Dramas for your Bucket List

1.The Wire
While most great dramas offer subtle commentary behind a veil of glamour and fiction (the mob life, the serial killer, the teacher turned drug dealer), The Wire succeeds simply because it does none of that. The Wire ignores the surreal and aims for the real. Unlike other great dramas, The Wire is not the story of man’s inner conflict, but rather, a glaring reflection of society itself. It is a cop drama, but it really isn’t. It is a show about drug-dealers, but then again it isn’t. The Wire is set in Baltimore, but it could just as easily be set in Toronto’s Jane-Finch area or Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. Its failure to break from reality may have been its undoing in terms of viewership, but this is also what has turned The Wire into a cult classic. The Wire’s genius creators David Simon and Ed Burns offer a satire of society’s failures. While most cop shows (CSI, CSI NY, CSI Miami, CSI Wherever) show elaborate high-tech labs and extremely good-looking people winning at life, The Wire offers dingy basements, bureaucratic obstacles, and corrupt policies. Moreover, it goes beyond our norms of acceptable television, most notably with its depiction of drug use among children. It is a mockumentary about how society has failed its only ray of hope – the youth. The beauty (ironically) of the show is its ability to build up hope over the course of its five seasons, and then cruelly taking it all way. Ultimately, The Wire wins as a drama because of its most transparent message: the system has failed and this system is cyclical.



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