The 4 Best TV Dramas for your Bucket List

2. The Sopranos
The Sopranos will find itself on the top of every critic’s list of great dramas. Considered one of the best dramas of all time, The Sopranos was a pioneer and trailblazer in television. Creator David Chase’s story about mafia life seduced us, but it’s his style that made us fall in love. Chase used music, allegory and symbolism to depict human emotion in a way never seen before. Behind all the crime, money and sex was the story of a man (James Gandolfini), trying to deal with his insecurities, paranoia and mom issues. While Chase’s music choice (spanning from classical to hip-hop) evoked emotion, his dream sequences teased and mostly frustrated us, while giving hints of something more. In all, the writing, the story and the acting, along with Paulie’s hair, made for one of the best television experiences ever.



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