The 4 Best TV Dramas for your Bucket List

4. Dexter
Many people see Dexter as just a serial-killer-drama with gratuitous blood and violence. On the surface, it is exactly that. Michael C Hall’s brilliant acting drives the show, with villainous guest appearances by legends like John Lithgow and Edward James Olmos weaving the way for suspenseful storylines. However, Dexter offers something more. It is one of the few shows that allow us into the mind of its protagonist. Dexter’s conversations with himself are a darker reflection of our own internal battles. His dark passenger may lead him to kill, but we all have our own passengers (the proverbial devil on our shoulder) leading us astray – it’s what makes you lazy on a gym day; cheat on a diet day; or quite simply, do things we shouldn’t do. Moreover, Dexter’s conversations contemplate some of the more regular (mundane) decisions in our lives: relationships, marriage, friendship, religion, etc. Dexter’s social awkwardness as a contrast to the inner complexities makes this drama one of the best existentialist commentaries on the human psyche.



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