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Why You Should Be Weightlifting

We have spoken a number of times about why certain weightlifting exercises (SEE Snatch, Clean, and Jerks) are great for developing speed and power in athletes (and thus, why they should be included in training programs). While...
by Razors Edge Performance


Do You Know What You Are Training?

Training can be a tricky thing. Most people will tell you it’s just about effort, and for the most part that is where it starts. If you put in lots of work, good things will happen. If you don’t, it becomes hard to ...
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5 Tools for 2012

The holidays are over, it’s time to wake up. The food coma you’ve been in for the last 2 weeks is starting to wear off. The guilt is piling up almost as high as the holiday calories. It’s bad; you know it, I k...
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Where Do You Stand?

Howdy Everybody! Welcome to Cave Magazine! I am excited to be the source of health, fitness, and nutrition information for all of you readers on this amazing site! Having said that, I have a great idea for this first major arti...
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