November 29, 2011


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Written by: Nick
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Bradley Cooper

Hate to take a cue from Jersey Shore here but were putting the spotlight on “swagger-jacking,” or as the jacked and tanned genius, Pauly D would put it; “Swackin.” For those of you who never jumped on the GTL bandwagon, swackin’ is to steal ones “swagger,” and for those of you that don’t know what swagger is… get the fuck out of the CAVE ! See, essentially the way this whole celebrity thing works is; deep down we want to be them.  Because of this, the people that cast the social norms in this world use celebrities as the muse to show us the way to do pretty much everything. How to act, how to dress, what to eat, etc.  Bottom line, in some way or another we are all swackin’ so damnit, acknowledge it!




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