How To: Style Thinning Hair

Guys, let’s face it. Thinning hair is not limited to old men.

In fact, some men experience hair thinning in their late teens and early twenties (see Jude Law and Prince William).

Though an inevitable part of the aging process, thinning hair can lead to low self-esteem and unhappiness.

But that doesn’t mean you’re helpless.

If you want to hide your hair-loss without using chemicals, pursuing surgery, living in a baseball hat, or shaving everything off, there are a number of options to consider.

Celebrity hair stylist Diana Schmidtke (whose client list includes George Clooney, Matt Damon, Taylor Lautner and Ashton Kutcher) shared her tips and tricks on how she helps Hollywood’s leading men manage their hair thinning woes.

(1) Ditch the comb over but avoid the razor cut

If your hairline is receding (and you’re thinning at the front), go for a shorter cut. The longer your hair, the more the noticeable the thinning. Instead of a razor cut, opt for a hand-cut trim.

“If your hair is thinning, it’s probably good to have one line. You don’t necessarily want to have artists come in there with razors, texturizing it all up because if the end of the actual hair is kind of thin; that will also make the overall appearance of the hair look thinner”, says Schmidtke. “You can ask your hairdresser to actually hand cut the front because there are ways as an artist that we can kind of thicken out the hairline”.

(2) It’s all an illusion

To lessen the appearance of thinning hair, dye your locks one to two shades darker.

“If light penetrates down to the scalp, [your hair is] going to appear thinner than it really is; so if you can create a way to block some of that light penetrating all the way to the scalp, your hair is going to appear thicker”, says Schmidtke.

(3) Powder up

If you’re thinning at the crown, you can use concealer powder to make your hair look thicker and hide areas where your scalp is starting to show. Products like Toppik and DermMatch come in a variety of shades, so they can be blended with your natural colour.

(4) Beyond the barber shop

Vitamin A, vitamin B7 (otherwise known as vitamin H or biotin), Vitamin B12 and vitamin E are known to either: (i) aid the growth of healthy hair; or (ii) prevent hair loss. According to Schmidtke, this has shown to thicken up and strengthen hair.

If you’re in the later stages of balding (and these tips don’t apply to you), take inspiration from celebrities that have embraced a hairless situation. Bruce Willis, Jason Statham and Vin Diesel (to name a few) proudly rock the signature shaved look.

Their number one secret? Confidence.



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