Spartacus Vengeance – What Gladiators Can Teach Us Today

The New Zealand produced show, Spartacus Vengeance wrapped up the third season of the franchise  on March 30th. If you are not familiar with the show, it follows the progression of a free man turned slave turned liberator. It’s intense action coupled with gripping story lines and realistic depictions of Ancient Rome definitely make it worth viewing. Think of the movie Gladiator if it were turned into a TV series. Aside from being entertaining, we can take several things away from the TV series.


Gladiators were brought into training facilities, where they would go through intense training while not receiving the proper nourishment. All in preparation for battle, where they would put their life on show for spectacle. We can compare this to training camps in sports today. For the most part during a training camp you are surrounded by nothing but teammates who are going through the same physical and mental struggle as yourself. This shared hardship causes a bond to form that is very hard to break. In the show the Gladiators come together to overthrow their master and attain freedom.

Believe in Something

Spartacus Vengeance / Starz

The Gladiators, while seemingly brutish/uncivilized continually emphasize carrying out their actions in honorable fashion. The understanding of what was honorable in Ancient Rome may seem a little weird when pinned against the norms of today. However, today we cannot live a happy life if we do not believe in something. Whether that something is treating others with respect, finding love, or creating personal success, it doesn’t matter. Just have something. Having a purpose behind your actions will only lead to increased happiness.

Fight for Something

The show follows a small, but growing number of ex-slaves who are enemies of Rome. These ex-slaves many of whom are Gladiators are attempting to liberate other slaves within the Roman Empire to join their cause. Led by Spartacus, the ex-slaves make many sacrifices throughout the show, but they do so because it furthers their cause. It is so easy to give up when looking for employment with no results, Doing that last set of sprints in a workout plan or working through a rocky relationship. What is easy is usually worth very little. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when you have to cut your losses and get on with what is next. Though, for most situations it is effort that separates those who succeed and those who fail. If you aren’t experiencing success in a certain part of your life, don’t give up, rather rethink your strategy.

Work with What You’re Given

Numerous times throughout Spartacus Vengeance, Spartacus and the rest of the rebels are severely outnumbered and out equipped. However, they are able to create victory after victory. This is because the rebels work with what supplies they have to become more driven than their Roman counterparts. The rebels use guerrilla warfare tactics to surprise the Romans and ultimately sway the death toll in their favor. In today’s world we here of countless success stories where people who were given nothing rose to the top of whatever industry they went in to. This is because they worked with what they had to make ends meet, and create a better life for themselves. Ingenuity and a bit of hard work is sometimes all you need!




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