Show Off Your Footwork With Connoshoer


For my fellow footwear enthusiasts out there, let me introduce you to Connoshoer, a new social sharing iPhone app. Think of it like Instagram meets Pinterest.

Showcase your shoe collections in your “closet,” show love for others’ pics and even save some to your “want” list. Share your posts with your social networks on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or with your friends via email and iMessage.

Browse through photos or filter through to narrow down specific searches. Connoshoer organizes shoes by colours, materials, type (sneakers, dress shoes, boots, etc.) and gender which allows users to pinpoint their ideal pairs as well as to discover new shoes. Connoshoer also supports in-app shopping.

connoshoer_featured connoshoer_search connoshoer_profile

Guys, this app is definitely worth checking out – it’s free so there’s nothing on the line. For those of you who are already experts in the shoe department, you’ll have fun with this. For those who aren’t, you can learn a thing or two. Footwear selection can make or break an outfit. Download it, explore and have fun!

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