Rob Ryan Needs to Shut It!

When Rex Ryan took over as the head coach of the New York Jets, it didn’t take long for the casual fan to find out what he was about.  Former players of his described him as a brash, outspoken and confident guy.  He didn’t disappoint.  Rex relished the spotlight and seemed to provide a new and controversial sound-bite every week.  Unfortunately the twin syndrome has kicked in and I’m ready to call out his loudmouth twin brother.
In his first year as defensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys, Rob Ryan has been the most outspoken ‘coordinator’ in NFL history.  He has constantly made claims about how well they’re going to play and pretty much been as loud and obnoxious as his brother.  The only problem is he isn’t the head coach.  Jason Garrett is, although you wouldn’t know it based on the number of sound-bites they each produce.  Today, reported that Rob Ryan claimed his head coaching offer is ‘going to happen’ and it was ‘only a matter of time’.  Rob.  You’ve ranted enough.  It’s my turn.
Prior to joining the Jets in 2009, Rex ran the Ravens defense which consistently ranked in the top 3 in points against and yards allowed.  In his first season as head coach, the Jets defense ranked #1 and allowed a stingy 14.8 points per game.  Last year his defense ranked 3rd overall and currently sits 7th this year with two games to play.  Rob has the mouth and the look.  He doesn’t have the substance.  Over the last four years, Rob has been the defensive coordinator for the Raiders, Browns (2 seasons) and Cowboys.  His defenses have ranked 27th, 31st, 22nd and currently sit 13th this season.  He hasn’t even cracked the top 10.
Whether Rex rubs you the wrong way or not, two things about him are respectable.  When he was a coordinator, he kept his brashness contained to the locker room as to not undermine the head coach.  When he finally was the leader in New York, he talked a lot – but backed it up.  Rob’s path has taken a bit longer, and although I don’t have a twin, I can imagine there is a fair amount of jealousy.  It’s really the only explanation for Rob acting like he’s the lead dog in Dallas and shooting his mouth all the time.
In the words of Shooter Mcgavin – here’s a free lesson for you Rob: Shut your mouth and coach a defense that for once ranks in the top 5.  So far, it’s been a lot of talking and not a lot of walking.



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