Review: Juicy J – “Big Dream & Lean”

Juicy J has been in the rap game for years now, that is why it was such a big shock to the Hip-Hop world when he signed to Wiz Khalifa’s label TaylorGang a couple weeks ago. An artist with his sort of resume and experience should be signing artists to his label and not vice versa, but I guess he has his reasons. Known for his mixtape-like-albums, he has released his newest one entitled “Big Dream and Lean.”

Juicy delivers his fans 28 tracks on his new mixtape, but to the people who aren’t fans, this is nothing special and they most likely won’t listen to it a second time. The mixtape contains a wide range of  beats from super-producer Lex Luger and the remaining tracks are mostly produced by Juicy J himself. The beats on this mixtape are easily the stand out as it has nothing else to offer really. He raps about smoking weed, having sex, drinking and repeatedly says “trippy mane” on about 75% of the songs. Although so many men wish they could live this lifestyle, the themes become recurring, redundant, and repetitive as you listen to tracks. (You see what I did there..) The lyrical content did not do much for me, some of his lyrics are catchy and funny, but nothing good enough to be made in to a tweet or Facebook status. His lyrics reminded me of 2 Chainz’ mixtape, who is featured twice on “Big Dream and Lean” along with Project Pat, Wiz Khalifa, ASAP Rocky, and Kreayshawn :S .

Other than a couple of tracks on Big Dream and Lean, I probably will never listen to this mixtape again and it is just going to collect dust on my iTunes. I recommend this mixtape for a select group of people; individuals who get high and enjoy listening to catchy music; the guy who likes to crank the volume in his ride, roll his windows down, and hear his car rattle from the bass; and Juicy J fans. If you’re not one of these people, save your time and stay away from this mixtape. So here it goes, the CAVE rating is:

Lyrics= 5/10




Replay value=4/10

Verdict: 27/50 

CAVE says = Download a few tracks

“Real Hustlers Don’t Sleep” Ft. ASAP Rocky and SpaceGhost Purp

“Stoners Night 2” Ft. Wiz Khalifa

“Countin’ Faces”

“She Dancin”

“Big Bank” ft. Key





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