cornell goalie scores Sports

Cornell Goalie Scores And Then Celebrates Like A Champ

                      Goalies don’t score goals, they stop them. Well in Cornell freshman, Mitch Gillam’s case, it’s the opposite. In his college debut he became the eighth goaltender to score a goal. During the final frame of the Big Red’s victory over Niagara, Gillam was given […]

G Eazy Music

G-Eazy Drops “Far Alone” Featuring Jay Ant

We interviewed G-Eazy over a year ago and since then, he’s been doing nothing but work. While we impatiently wait for this indie star’s next project, he’s keeping fans warm with his latest video, “Far Alone”, which depicts a young G and his come-up.

travelling as a couple Advice

Travelling For Two: 5 Tips For Vacationing With Your Girlfriend

Photo Credit: Murad Osmann Of course you enjoy spending time together; it’s the reason you got together with her in the first place. But going on vacation together takes it to a whole new level. As much as you might share in common, odds are that your idea of a fun vacation differs from hers. […]

ASUS U38DT ultra book Gadgets and Video Games

ASUS U38DT Ultrabook Review

Being a man on the move, there’s a good chance you have to lug around some sort of laptop which usually tend to be heavy. That or a tablet of some sort. Luckily (and thankfully), the recent advent of “ultrabooks” is starting to replace those brick laptops with lighter, nearly as powerful equivalents. This is […]

hedley-wildlife-final-sm-rgb Music

Exclusive Hedley Video – 10 Things You Need for a Wild Life

Ready to live on the wild side? Today marks the release of Hedley’s new album “Wild Life“. Since the guys are living wild lives themselves, they decided to share what they thought were the 10 things you need to live a wild life. Take note, and start living on the wild side.


american pie
Movies and TV

CAVE Movie Picks – August 23rd, 2013

Posted  August 23, 2013  by  Robin Ghosh

This weekend, it’s all about the end of the world, a city of bones and martial arts. Interestingly, if you live in Toronto, TIFF is screening the original American Pie. Otherwise, here are the CAVE movie picks for this weekend. The World’s End Starring: Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Martin Freeman and Rosamund Pike Synopsis: After […]

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Danny Fernandes album cover - Danny Fernandes

CAVE Interview Series: Danny Fernandes

Posted  August 28, 2013  by  Michael Prempeh

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with 27-year-old Toronto musician Danny Fernandes to discuss his upcoming album (Breathe Again), sex, drugs, partying, and women. Our discussion is presented below. 1. How did you get started in music? I’ve been dancing my whole life, basically since the age of six. I did that professionally for 20 […]

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niche for men

Niche For Men – A Traveling Man’s Best Friend

Posted  August 29, 2013  by  CAVE Editors

What is Niche for Men? Niche for Men is a company founded in 2012 with the sole purpose of helping the active man stay fresh and clean. The product is a deodorizing wipe which can fit right in your pocket. The wipes are infused with: ginseng healthy oils aloe vera The idea behind them is […]

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CAVE Interiview Series - X-Ambassadors

CAVE Interview Series: X-Ambassadors

Posted  September 6, 2013  by  Michael Prempeh

If you’re looking for the next big thing in music, it could be Ithaca, New York’s X-Ambassadors. Since meeting the guys, we’ve become big fans. In fact, their single, “Uncosolable” has become a staple of the CAVE office rotation. Be sure to download their latest EP Love Songs Drug Songs, and check out our interview with the […]

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friend zone
Sex and Relationships

Ouch! Watch This Guy Get Catapulted Into The Friend Zone

Posted  December 11, 2013  by  Jordan Scheltgen

For men, there are few things as dreaded as the “friend-zone,” and unfortunately for the guy in the video below, he’s in it. The guy in the video go for the kiss and ends up with an overly-awkward hug. I don’t know if there are words to described his puzzled face as she heads inside. […]

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Jordan Scheltgen

Don’t Fear Change, Embrace It – Letter From The Editor

Posted  February 8, 2013  by  Jordan Scheltgen

It’s been a while since I wrote to you guys, so I felt the need to get back to it. It’s been an absolutely insane first month of 2013 for us at CAVE. We’ve conducted some of our biggest interviews, set records for views, and met some amazing people along the way. However, that’s not what I’m […]

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From Her

10 Things You Should Never Say To A Woman In Bed

Posted  March 4, 2013  by  CAVE Editors

…unless you never want to get laid again, ever. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re smooth enough to have persuaded her to do the bologna dance by saying and doing all the right things. But don’t think you’re home free just because you got her horizontal. Utter any of the following before (or during) mattress […]

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James Bond
Food and Drinks

What She Thinks About Your Drink

Posted  March 6, 2013  by  Aidan Ryan

If your team isn’t playing on the flat-screen at the bar (or even if they are) you’re probably there to find a girl. You’re probably also decked out in a decent shirt, new shoes, and your favorite jacket. In your mind, you’re perfectly suited to make a positive impression. Unfortunately, there’s something you’ve missed. After […]

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