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Cornell Goalie Scores And Then Celebrates Like A Champ

                      Goalies don’t score goals, they stop them. Well in Cornell freshman, Mitch Gillam’s case, it’s the opposite. In his college debut he became the eighth goaltender to score a goal. During the final frame of the Big Red’s victory over Niagara, Gillam was given […]

G Eazy Music

G-Eazy Drops “Far Alone” Featuring Jay Ant

We interviewed G-Eazy over a year ago and since then, he’s been doing nothing but work. While we impatiently wait for this indie star’s next project, he’s keeping fans warm with his latest video, “Far Alone”, which depicts a young G and his come-up.

travelling as a couple Advice

Travelling For Two: 5 Tips For Vacationing With Your Girlfriend

Photo Credit: Murad Osmann Of course you enjoy spending time together; it’s the reason you got together with her in the first place. But going on vacation together takes it to a whole new level. As much as you might share in common, odds are that your idea of a fun vacation differs from hers. […]

ASUS U38DT ultra book Gadgets and Video Games

ASUS U38DT Ultrabook Review

Being a man on the move, there’s a good chance you have to lug around some sort of laptop which usually tend to be heavy. That or a tablet of some sort. Luckily (and thankfully), the recent advent of “ultrabooks” is starting to replace those brick laptops with lighter, nearly as powerful equivalents. This is […]

hedley-wildlife-final-sm-rgb Music

Exclusive Hedley Video – 10 Things You Need for a Wild Life

Ready to live on the wild side? Today marks the release of Hedley’s new album “Wild Life“. Since the guys are living wild lives themselves, they decided to share what they thought were the 10 things you need to live a wild life. Take note, and start living on the wild side.



How To Get What You Deserve

Posted  October 3, 2012  by  Edward Mullen

During a meeting with my manager a few years ago, I complained about a problem. I worked in the credit card division of a major bank. It was well understood, if you wanted to move up within the company, you had to work in a branch first. Once you got your foot in at the […]

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Gadgets and Video Games

iPhone 5: Worth the Hype?

Posted  October 2, 2012  by  Luke Boardman

According to Forbes Magazine, the iPhone 5 will easily outsell all previous models and may lead to“the biggest upgrade cycle in the history of electronic devices”. I’m inclined to agree. Worldwide, consumers lined up in front of Apple stores for a chance to snag the latest smartphone. I was not among those crowds. Two years […]

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Owl City live

Review: Owl City at the Commodore Ballroom – September 28, 2012

Posted  October 1, 2012  by  Jay Adams

In 2012, it’s easy to dismiss an artist that relies on simplistic lyrics and auto-tune. It’s a little tougher when the artist boasts a quadruple-platinum single and sits at #8 on the Billboard Hot 100. On Friday night, Owl City invaded Vancouver’s Commodore Ballroom in support of its latest effort, The Midsummer Station. Admittedly, Owl City (the […]

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How to Get Into Comics

Posted  October 1, 2012  by  Edward Mullen

These days, it seems like comic book references are everywhere – summer blockbusters, fashion, art, video games, podcasts, celebrity-filled conventions, reality shows like Comic Book Men, and TV shows like Person of Interest (which was actually a homage to Batman). More than ever, comics have permeated the pop culture and made a lasting impression on […]

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CAVE on Location

CAVE on Location: A Weekend in Washington, DC

Posted  September 28, 2012  by  Jordan Scheltgen

I recently had the privilege of heading down to Washington DC for a weekend of entertainment, professional sports and plenty of food/booze. When I arrived at my hotel, the beautiful Fairmont Washington on M street, I was immediately taken aback by the height of the surrounding buildings. Compared to other major cities I’ve been to, everything […]

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Food and Drinks

Manly Meals: Marinated Chicken Breast

Posted  September 27, 2012  by  Rob Elbaz

What You’ll Need: Ingredients: Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast Lemon Juice Garlic Olive Oil Basil Tools: Knife Cutting Board Bowl or Dish (Big enough to marinate the chicken) Saran Wrap / Cling Wrap Baking tray (lined with aluminum foil) How It’s Done: This recipe is a good centerpiece for a bunch of different meals. The chicken […]

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NFL Week 4 Predictions

Posted  September 27, 2012  by  Jansen

I’m really hoping the return of the referees bring some semblance to this NFL season. Sure, I’ll take my lumps when I pick Washington over Cincinnati, but the 49ers losing to the Vikings was a kick in the groin. 85% of my survivor pool has been eliminated. 85%!! I’m .500 and not upset by it […]

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man cave
Live Better

CAVE’s Guide to: the Ultimate Man CAVE

Posted  September 27, 2012  by  Edward Mullen

At CAVE, we believe every man should have a place to get away from everyday life, hang out with his friends and do man stuff. The most important thing to remember is that your man cave is a state of mind. It doesn’t need to be fancy or cost a lot of money; you just […]

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