O’Neill – The Brand You Should Be Wearing This Summer

O'Neill Clothing

Summer is a special time where we wear almost nothing, and have the unique opportunity to get away with it.

But style, of course, does not have to be sacrificed to beat the heat.

O’Neill has come up with some incredible gear for this summer; with a great mix of snapbacks, sandals, graphic t-shirts, board-shorts and fancy shirts, all for the purpose of making you look good.

Pabst Blue Ribbon  has even partnered up with O’Neill to create a special selection of summer wear.

Here are a few of our favourites from O’Neill’s summer collection.

Face It

O'Neill Clothing

Let’s face it (pun intended), if you want to look stylish from head-to-toe, you start from the top. The O’Neill “Face It” snapback is the perfect starting point.

Face It, $30.00

About That Time 

O'Neill Clothing

This collaboration with Pabst Blue Ribbon results in a timeless, yet understated staple of hot summer afternoons.

About That Time, $37.50


PBR Hops

O'Neill Clothing

Continuing with the Pabst collaboration, the Hops shorts are stylish and afford you the unique opportunity of matching your favourite beer.

PBR Hops, $55.00


O'Neill Clothing


When you stop feeling like wearing shoes, these are perfect.

Profile, $20.00





If the name doesn’t get you, these board shorts will.

Orion, $60.00

Face It (the tee)

O'Neill Clothing


This tee has a ton of attitude in its design. Unlike its hat counterpart, however, it features a different colour scheme and design, giving it an iconic look.

Face It Tee, 22.00

For more on this line up, check out O’Neill’s online store.




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