NFL Week 9 Predictions

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As the standings start to become more and more clear we are left with a few questions. Are the Broncos the best team in the AFC? Can anyone stop Atlanta? When will it be Tebow time in New York?

Kansas City Chiefs @ San Diego Chargers

If the Chiefs couldn’t win at home against the Raiders, why should we expect them to win on the road in San Diego?  Both teams are in the midst of a lost season and the head coaches will both be gone soon.

Pick: Chargers

Denver Broncos @ Cincinnati Bengals

The Broncos are playing like one of the best teams in football.  Champ Bailey will have a tough task shutting down AJ Green, but the Broncos offense is playing at a very high level.

Pick: Broncos

Baltimore Ravens @ Cleveland Browns

If the Ravens weren’t coming off a bye week, I would be tempted to pick the Browns whose defense has really improved with the return of a few key players.  The Ravens cannot afford to lose this one.

Pick: Ravens

Arizona Cardinals @ Green Bay Packers

No matter how well the Cardinals defense plays, their offense cannot run the ball or pass protect.  It’s painful to watch.

Pick: Packers

Chicago Bears @ Tennessee Titans

The Bears have continued winning but it hasn’t been as convincing.  Matt Hasselbeck is a veteran and will be patient enough to attack the cover 2 defense of Chicago.  Pick the Bears but if you’re a spread guy take the Titans with the points.

Pick: Bears

Miami Dolphins @ Indianapolis Colts

Luck is better in the friendly confines of Lucas Oil Stadium.  I’m not counting them out of a wild card spot.

Pick: Colts

Carolina Panthers @ Washington Redskins

Cam Newton is going to look across the field at RGIII and remember the good old days of 2012.  Newton will be up for this game and I expect the Panthers to close the season strong.

Pick: Panthers

Detroit Lions @ Jacksonville Jaguars

The Mike Thomas Bowl?  Detroit has time to make up for a disastrous start to the season, but if they have any hope of being a dangerous wild card team, they have to have this one in Florida.

Pick: Lions

Houston Texans @ Buffalo Bills

The Texans off a bye week will want to hold their position atop the AFC.  The Bills disruptive defensive front could cause problems in Houston’s zone running scheme by penetrating at the point of attack.  Either way Schaub will utilize play action to put up points if necessary.

Pick: Texans

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Oakland Raiders

The Bucs have been playing better these last few weeks as have the Raiders (to a lesser extent).  I need to see more consistency in both teams passing though.

Pick: Bucs

Minnesota Vikings @ Seattle Seahawks

In a tight battle, never pick against the Seahawks at home.

Pick: Seahawks

Pittsburgh Steelers @ New York Giants

The Steelers passing offense has steadily improved and the running game has benefited as a result.  Expect a great one as the two best QB’s in the 2004 draft class go head to head.

Pick: Giants

Dallas Cowboys @ Atlanta Falcons

Matt Ryan has his offense firing on all cylinders.  The Cowboys are a hard team to figure out.  Jason Garrett has struggled and appears to be a better OC than HC.

Pick: Falcons

Philadelphia Eagles @ New Orleans Saints

Vick revives his team’s season and buries New Orleans on Monday night.

Pick: Eagles

Season Record: 70-48



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