NFL Week 6 Predictions

Indianapolis Colts @ New York Jets

The Colts rallied around #chuckstrong and stunned the Packers last week.  The Jets also fought hard, but were unable to pull off the Monday night upset over the Texans.  The Jets offense lacks a threat whereas Andrew Luck is getting better every week.  He will be the #1 quarterback in the league sooner than you think.

Pick: Colts

Detroit Lions @ Philadelphia Eagles

It seems as though the Lions are allowing the ‘loser’ aura of years passed take over their season.  They got off to a slow start and instead of rallying; they have gone in the tank.  The Eagles are working through their issues, but are doing enough to stay alive.

Pick: Eagles

Kansas City Chiefs @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Brady Quinn will get the start for the Chiefs who draw a tough road game in Tampa Bay with the Bucs coming off a bye week.  Josh Freeman has to show something to warrant his position as a starting QB in this league.  I think he shows up this week.

Pick: Bucs

Dallas Cowboys @ Baltimore Ravens

The Cowboys seem to play better on the road.  Maybe they don’t feel the pressure when they are outside of Jerry’s world but either way; I expect their rollercoaster season to continue with a win this week.  The Ravens offense sputtered against the Chiefs and Rob Ryan’s defense is playing well.

Pick: Cowboys

Buffalo Bills @ Arizona Cardinals

Let’s think about this.  The Cardinals offensive line is terrible.  The Bills defensive line is very strong.  The Cardinals will be forced to lean on the pass with their 3rd string running back getting the start.  Kevin Kolb has been sacked 16 times in the last two weeks.

Pick: Bills

New England Patriots @ Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks are extremely tough when they play at home.  The Patriots are just so well rounded on offense that they can lean on different areas and take advantage of what the Seahawks give them.  Unlike most teams with strong running games, you can’t load the box against the Patriots to stop it.  Well you can, but only if you want to let Tom Brady assault you through the air.

Pick: Patriots

New York Giants @ San Francisco 49ers

A rematch of last year’s NFC championship game will be premier afternoon matchup.  After getting upset on the road in Minnesota, the Niners have hammered their last two opponents by a total score of 70-3.  They are healthy, while the Giants are not.

Pick: 49ers

Minnesota Vikings @ Washington Redskins

Even if Robert Griffin plays, last week should serve as an eye-opener to Mike Shanahan.  He says the option can work and he is committed to it – which should terrify Redskins fans.  RGIII is not Cam Newton, he can’t handle the pounding.  The Vikings are legit.

Pick: Vikings

Green Bay Packers @ Houston Texans

In no way am I ready to jump off the Packers bandwagon.  They will iron out the issues and Rodgers will get back on track.  The Texans losing Brian Cushing is significant.  His versatility and speed allowed Houston to do a number of things on defense.

Pick: Packers

Denver Broncos @ San Diego Chargers

Expect a great divisional game.  Peyton and Phil will be on point.  Both defenses will step up and produce a Monday Night Classic.  Going with my gut on this one.

Pick: Broncos

Season Record: 44-33



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