NFL Week 6 Predictions

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So your team hasn’t started out the way you wanted them to (Packers fans I’m looking at you). I have one suggestion – take a deep breath and relax. It’s the NFL, things change all the time. The Jets could finish 13-3. The Texans could finish 5-11. Is it likely? Of course not, but when you hear people start talking about ‘must win games’ in October, just smile and nod. There’s plenty of time to right the ship

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Tennessee Titans

The Steelers are coming off an emotional victory in the battle of Pennsylvania.  The Titans get Kenny Britt back and Matt Hasselbeck isn’t much of an immediate downgrade to Jake Locker.  Hasselbeck will know how to take advantage of a Steelers secondary that is missing Troy Polamalu, but the Big Ben will put up more points in the end.

Pick: Steelers

Oakland Raiders @ Atlanta Falcons

You’ve heard it before – Matt Ryan is lights out in the Georgia Dome.  The Falcons are 5-0 and face a Raiders team that can’t do anything well.  Carson Palmer should receive some sort of medal for being part of two organizations in complete disarray throughout his entire career.

Pick: Falcons

Cincinnati Bengals @ Cleveland Browns

If you have a hunch to go with the Browns this week, go for it.  They should be in this game and with Joe Haden returning, the defense is much better equipped to slow down AJ Green.  I’m taking the Bengals for one reason: Andy Dalton is superior to Brandon Weeden.  Weeden has gotten a lot of ‘props’ in the media lately, but I haven’t seen anything to lead me to believe he can get the job done.

Pick: Bengals

St. Louis Rams @ Miami Dolphins

A battle between two young, developing teams.  I’m not surprised that the Rams have played better under Jeff Fisher, but I am surprised at how the Dolphins have done this season.  I expect a defensive battle with the Dolphins run game making the difference.

Pick: Dolphins

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