NFL Week 17 Predictions

NFL Teams

1. Houston Texans @ Indianapolis Colts

The Colts are a different beast at home, and the Texans aren’t playing well.  The home crowd should be charged up for Sunday’s tilt, marking (likely) the last home game of the season, which conveniently coincides with the return of Chuck Pagano.

Pick: Texans

2. New York Jets @ Buffalo Bills

This is an audition for both QBs, who should be looking for new homes.  The Jets organization is embarrassing.

Pick: Bills

3. Carolina Panthers @ New Orleans Saints

These teams might be playing the best football of any non-playoff team.  Cam Newton will look to inspire Panther fans, while Brees will want to convince Sean Payton to return next season.

Pick: Saints

4. Chicago Bears @ Detroit Lions

The Bears need this one, no two-ways about it.

Pick: Bears

5. Baltimore Ravens @ Cincinnati Bengals

Potential round one matchup. The Ravens will send a message that they are the lead dog in the AFC North.

Pick: Ravens

6. Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Giants

A healthy Mike Vick puts the nail in the Giants coffin, while sending Andy Reid into the sunset with a win.

Pick: Eagles

7. Jacksonville Jaguars @ Tennessee Titans

The Jags are playing good football with Chad Henne at quarterback.  He knows this could be his last chance at a starting job.  Jake Locker looks lost since returning from injury.

Pick: Jaguars

8. St. Louis Rams @ Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks at home, with seeding implications on the line.

Pick: Seahawks

9. Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots

The Patriots have cooled off at the wrong time.  They need a statement win, at home, to enter the playoffs on a strong note.  Potential bye at stake.

Pick: Patriots

10. Green Bay Packers @ Minnesota Vikings

I think Peterson will come close to the record, but fall just short.  The Pack should win this game, as they know the Vikings will lean on the run.

Pick: Packers

11. Arizona Cardinals @ San Francisco 49ers

The spread is too big, so if you’re a spread-picker – take the Cardinals.  They play strong defense and are = starting the second best QB of the season; Brian Hoyer.  Justin Smith’s first injury showed everyone how important he is to the 49ers.

Pick: 49ers

12. Kansas City Chiefs @ Denver Broncos

The Broncos do the Chiefs a favour and let them control the 2013 Draft.

Pick: Broncos

13. Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Redskins

The Redskins should’ve lost to the Eagles, but Foles missed some easy throws in the waning minutes.  The Cowboys win close games, and they should sneak one out in Washington.

Pick: Cowboys



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