NFL Week 15 Predictions

NFL Teams

1. Cincinnati Bengals @ Philadelphia Eagles

I have a sneaking suspicion the Eagles could win this game, but the Bengals have more to play for and their defensive line should do well.

Pick: Bengals

2. New York Giants @ Atlanta Falcons

Although the Giants pass rush is ferocious, the Falcons have too much receiving talent for the G-men.  Ryan will be able to get rid of the ball quickly.

Pick: Falcons

3. Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears

Aaron Rodgers has the Pack ready for the playoffs, while the Bears will likely miss out.

Pick: Packers

4. Washington Redskins @ Cleveland Browns

I expect RG3 to suit up, but even if he doesn’t, I like Kirk Cousins more than Brandon Weeden.  Either way, the team will rally around their QB.

Pick: Redskins

5. Minnesota Vikings @ St. Louis Rams

Adrian Peterson will continue his march into the history books, but the Vikings aren’t playing as well as the Rams.

Pick: Rams

6. Jacksonville Jaguars @ Miami Dolphins

Chad Henne gets revenge on his old team.

Pick: Jaguars

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ New Orleans Saints

The Bucs will run all over the Saints.  The Saints will throw all over the Bucs.

Pick: Bucs

8. Denver Broncos @ Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens are overdue for a win and the Broncos are overdue for a road loss.  Firing the offensive coordinator should loosen up the playcalling.

Pick: Ravens

9. Indianapolis Colts @ Houston Texans

The Texans were embarrassed on Monday. I expect an extra special effort from JJ Watt and company.

Pick: Texans

10. Seattle Seahawks @ Buffalo Bills

The annual Toronto bowl will once again see the Bills get back on the bus as losers.

Pick: Seahawks

11. Detroit Lions @ Arizona Cardinals

If the Cardinals had anyone capable of throwing the ball, I’d pick them for the upset.

Pick: Lions

12. Carolina Panthers @ San Diego Chargers

Cam Newton finally took off the suit and put on the cape, but the Chargers are in the midst of their patented (too) late-season surge.

Pick: Chargers

13. Pittsburgh Steelers @ Dallas Cowboys

I still believe in Dallas, but the Steelers will be too much after last week’s debacle at home.

Pick: Steelers

14. Kansas City Chiefs @ Oakland Raiders

The battle for the basement in the AFC West.

Pick: Raiders

15. San Francisco 49ers @ New England Patriots

On Monday, we saw what New England does to playoff teams at Gillette Stadium in December.

Pick: Patriots

16. New York Jets @ Tennessee Titans


Pick: Jets

Season Record 133-73-1



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