New Year’s Resolutions We Wish You’d Make

New Year's Resolutions

We’re all familiar with the reoccurring list of resolutions that come with the start of a new year. Same story, different year. We’re three days into 2012 – what have you planned to change and how does it differ from what you said last time?

Here are some suggestions / requests we wish men would make…

  • Be a man… watch that chick flick. Pretty please… with a cherry on top?
  • Personal hygiene – get on that. If we have to stay waxed, you must reciprocate by being clean-cut. Get regular haircuts. Don’t let the facial hair get out of control – we don’t want rugburn when we kiss you. Manscape if you like / if necessary.
  • Get off your phone. If we’re on a date or if I’m talking to you, try to go more than a few minutes without checking your messages.
  • Respond quicker. You’re always on your phone – what the hell takes you so long to respond to our messages?
  • Say sorry when you’re wrong. You usually are.

Anything else? Do you have any resolutions you wish women would make?



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