New NFL Nike Uniforms Unveiled

Nike has taken over from Reebok as the NFL’s official apparel sponsor.  This morning, Nike unveiled a host of new designs for all 32 teams.  The products included sweatshirts, gloves and of course the big kahuna: new uniforms.  CAVEmag has them all right here.  Enjoy!


The gloves will no doubt be a big hit amongst fans and players.  This design was tested in the NCAA over the last few years and players seemed to really like the idea and would flash their team logo after big plays.  Perhaps this put more of a ‘team’ focus on celebrations.

Seattle is the only team to completely overhaul their uniforms and if early reports are any indication, they are a huge hit.  Players in attendance for the unveiling are pretty much unanimously in favour of the Seahawks new “Oregon” style uniforms.  Seattle is known for having the loudest stadium in the league thanks to the fans which they refer to as the ‘12th man’.  As tribute to the fans, the pant legs have 12 feathers down each side.

The rest of the NFL teams made very minor changes as you will see in the coming pages, however they all feature a new collar as illustrated underneath with the New Orleans Saints.  A number of teams decided to make no changes to their jerseys for 2012, but going forward, expect a few teams every year to switch to a more modern style.  Look on to see some of the changes to your favorite team uniforms.




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