New Beginnings – Letter From the Editor


They say spring is the time of new beginnings, plants regain life after a cold winter of hiding their true colors. There is something intrinsically motivating about the spring. The anticipation of summer near by, combined with thoughts of winter in the rear-view makes for a peaceful state of mind. Though the weather may seem bi-polar at times during spring, we don’t have to. Try not to let the stress of daunting tasks get to you, find excitement in finishing your school semester, workout phase, or project at work because new challenges await you.

I personally am leaving to Germany for the next four months to play football. The nerves I am experiencing are similar to when I first moved from Vancouver to Toronto just over two years ago. However, it is slightly different this time. I know travelling to Germany is destined to be a life changing experience, but I am as excited to be back in Toronto in the fall. It’s the combination of awaiting new experiences abroad this summer and at home this fall.

The lesson is simple, you need to experience as much as you can while you are on this planet. Though, no matter where you end up and the experiences you go through, the people you love must always resonate within you. Do something that scares you, go somewhere you have never been, but when you return to normal life don’t let it be simply normal. Celebrate what you have and the day to day interactions with friends and family. 90% of your life will be spent ‘not on vacation’ so learning to enjoy the simple things will lead to living a happier life.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Awesome piece Jordan!

    The human experience is at the mercy of the seasons.

    Those who finish a creation in spring,

    find resonating gratification.

    Though we are with,

    Spring things are without duration.

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