Nicki Minaj is back with her second installment of Pink Friday, Roman Reloaded. To hip hop fans, everyone has noticed the change in the music from the lady of Young Money. She has gone from an uncensored female rapper from Queens to an uncensored pop star from Queens. She claims it has brought her bigger success as she addresses the issue on the song “Roman Reloaded.” Like other hip hop fans, I have noticed the change in Nicki’s music and it’s evident in a few of the tracks on the album; “Starships,” “Whip It,” “Beautiful Sinner,” “Automatic,” are all songs that can be played on any Top 40 radio station. Nicki Minaj has such large following from young women around the world who are going to purchase her work. Thus, losing a few hip hop fans who are going to download her album is not much of an issue.

"Beez in the Trap"


Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded features many big names in the hip hop game which look good on paper (Lil’ Wayne, Drake, Young Jeezy, Nas, Camron, Rick Ross, Bobby V., Chris Brown, and 2 Chainzzz), until you hear it through your speakers. With the likes of her Young Money label mate Drake lending his talents on the track “Champion” (which also features Nas and Young Jeezy) the song is still weak and has a low replay factor. The highlight of the album is her third single, “Beez In The Trap,” which features your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper, 2 Chainzzzz. The track is catchy, creative beat, and of course features one of the most popular artists of 2012 spitting his simple,but witty lines everyone loves. The low-light of the album has to be her second single “Stupid Hoe.” The beat sounds like it took noises from a 5 year olds favorite TV show and put it all together to make a lot of noise. She also goes on to say ‘Stupid Hoe’ about 100 times in 3 mins and 17 seconds, which becomes annoying after the first 30 seconds.

At the start of 2012 YMCMB Boss, Birdman, bragged that his label would drop about 15 albums this year, if this is the quality of the albums they are planning to release to the world, please keep them. Personally, I was a Nicki Minaj fan before her first album, and after Pink Friday. Now with Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, I can’t stand her music. I wouldn’t recommend this album to anyone, download “Beez in the Trap” and continue to live your life in peace. I am more than likely deleting this album from my iTunes once I finish this review.



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