Ottway(Liam Neeson) leads a group of rugged men after their plane crashes on the way to Anchorage Alaska. The few survivors from the crash are faced not only with the harsh realities of the Tundra climate, they also must face the threats posed by a nearby pack of grey wolves. The group moves through nature low on food, supplies and hope with death chasing closing behind. As the story progresses you learn more about each man, what each is fighting for and what they’ve left at home. When it’s all the line, the true characters of men are tested and not only by Mother Nature. The shots are intense, the wit of Ottway’s character keeps the group alive several times, and the wolves invoke fear into the viewer. Stripped from technology, the group is supposed to emulate what humans would be like in the wild.

The film is riddled with flashbacks of Ottway’s wife, which appears to have left him without explanation and with visions from his childhood. The poem below was the only expressive side that Ottway’s remembers of his father.

It’s a combination of action and engagement. Stay through to until the end and you will not be disappointed.

Once more into the fray

Into the last good fight I’ll ever know

Live and die on this day…

Live and die on this day…



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