Media Kit

The Online Market

Today, nothing is more effective than online marketing. The online medium is an integral part of any effective advertising campaign. Whether it’s targeted promotion, or out-of-the-box creativity, the web is the answer. At CAVE Mag, we are committed to this philosophy.


Through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+1) and regular traffic, CAVE Mag reaches over 100,000 computer screens per month. Our articles have been featured on,,,, and many other high profile webpages. A number of our writers also contribute to radio and television across North America.


The majority of our readers are males aged 18-30 and are located within North America. Approximately 70% of our traffic comes from North America.


CAVE Mag is committed to providing in-depth analysis on a wide variety of male-centered topics. The site is regularly updated with pieces on Sports, Sex/Relationships, Entertainment, Style, Health/Fitness, Life and Views From Her. In short, CAVE Mag encompasses all elements of the male lifestyle. This diversity makes it a perfect fit for your advertising needs.

Advertising Units

If you’re looking for creative and cost-effective advertising options, CAVE Mag offers a terrific opportunity to promote your product to our target audience.

Background 1024 x 768: Take your message to the next level with the background of Your message or product will be seen on every page within our site.

Premium Header 728 x 90: Because the header appears above the fold on our website, this option provides maximum exposure to our regular and casual visitors.

Side Bar Box 300 x 250: Given the set-up of, the side bar provides terrific exposure in an unavoidable area.

Premium Square Button 125 x 125: The premium square button is located on the side bar of both the homepage and individual post pages. This allows readers to transition fluidly from the post to the ad. Given our aggressive approach to social media promotion, this is a great way to reach casual (and regular) readers.

Submitting An Ad

The following links address advertising deadlines, ad specifications, and the electronic submission process. If you require any additional information, please contact

Creative must be received three (3) business days before the start of any campaign.

Online Advertising Specifications

Ad Unit Specs (pixels) Media Format Byte Size
Top Banner 728 x 90 GIF/JPEG 15K
728 x 90 Rich Media 20K
Big Box 300 x 250 GIF/JPEG 20K
300 x 250 Rich Media 25K
Button 125 x 125 GIF/JPEG 3K
125 x 125 Rich Media 3K
BackGround 1024 x 768 Assessed Individually

Ad Submission Information
Please send all creatives to:

Files to be uncompressed, or compressed in a ZIP format.

Please include the destination URL for all ads. Alt text is optional.

Please include HTML documents when required.