Keep It Fresh this Winter With These 5 fashion Tips


















The Canadian winter can be miserable, cold and really limit your wardrobe. Use these 5 tips to keep you wardrobe fresh this holiday season

1. Scarves

It’s time to put down the one american eagle scarf that you’ve owned since your senior year of high school. Go out and pick up a few scarves. Realistically you’re not looking to spend hundreds of dollars on winter accessories, so I would say grab yourself 2-3 scarves. One Black, One Grey, and then one that is an off colour (blue, forest green, red, etc.). Adding some colour to wardrobe in the form of a scarf can take what you’re wearing to the next level.

2.Winter Jacket

Yes it’s cold, but the baggy winter coats with ski passes on the zipper just don’t look sharp. A Peacoat should be a staple in your winter wardrobe. Black is always the safe bet here, but a dark blue will also do the trick.


This is the item here that I will say is absolutely essential to have top quality. Nothing is more horrible than when you are walking and your feet are half way to frost bite. The traditional tan boot is not neccessary, try to change it up this winter with a trendier black or dark grey boot.

4. Effective Layering

During winter it’s usually cold outside and then the minute you walk into any building it’s like you walked into a sauna. To avoid sweating and coming off as a gorilla in the mist, effectively layer your clothing so you can adapt to any room temperature without becoming a perspiring mess. Caridigan sweaters, and hoodies are great under jackets and easy to take off once you’re inside.

5. Toques and gloves

The toque and mittens set that your mother got you three years has to go. A nice pair of leather gloves can be found for under $50 and will have a good lifespan. Just like your scarves I would recommend having 2-3 toques that not only keep your head warm, but also keep you looking good. You are not trying to look like Eminem in 8 mile every time you walk down to the convenience store.



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