It’s Not Always About How Hard You Hit – Letter From The Editor

Jordan Scheltgen

My high school football coach was a man of few words.

There was one speech he gave before a big game during my junior year where he said, “We must exhibit the three D’s: dominate them, destroy their will to play, and (he paused) demonstrate our love for each other.”

As the team looked around in confusion, we didn’t really know how to respond to this at the time. See in sports it’s easy to focus on how hard you are going to take it to your opponent. What is difficult is finding a way to come together to deal with losing.

As I step back and look at what my coach said that day, maybe he hit it spot on: put forward your best effort, but regardless of the outcome stay together.

As we all are aware, Hurricane Sandy or Frankenstorm is in the midst of tearing up the north-east coast of the United States. The hurricane is dominating downtown cores, and probably destroying the will of many people. But, this hurricane is also demonstrating the extent to which fellow human beings will go to protect each other.

There are so many things which can cause us to lose faith in society: senseless killings, war hungry leaders, the Jersey Shore TV show, etc.

The way we are handling this storm is not one of them.

I read today that not a single act of crime had been committed in the Newark, New Jersey area, though numerous acts of kindness were spotted. And the coverage showing, coast guard units out, risking their safety to find survivors is something we should all find solace in.

This storm will cause massive power-outages, incredible damage to infrastructure, and be responsible for multiple deaths. But it will also show our strength and ability to deal with changing circumstances.

This storm hits hard, but we will come back stronger and more prepared for the next time mother nature knocks on our door.

Thoughts with those affected,




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