How To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse

Photo: Gene Page/AMC

Photo: AMC

In nature, there are parasites that infect its host and re-program its brain. Toxoplasmosis is one such parasite that affects over 50 million people in North American. While this parasite doesn’t turn people into zombies, it does have a marked effect on a person’s behaviour. These parasites can also be created in a lab, either a bio-chemical weapon or just a simple vaccine gone wrong.

The point is, you could find yourself in the midst of a zombie apocalypse at some point in your lifetime. As such, if something goes down, you should have a plan.

In any survival scenario, it’s important to be prepared. That’s why the first thing you need to do is to prepare yourself and your home prior to a zombie attack.

Step One: Prepare your home.

If a zombie apocalypse breaks out, you may find comfort in staying in your house.

So the first thing to do to protect your house to withstand a zombie attack is to install a fence, the higher the better.

If you can afford it (and if your city’s zoning restrictions permit it) you will want a concrete fence, reinforced with steel bars.

A ten-foot high chain-link fence should keep the zombies out for weeks or months. If you have a gate on your driveway that swings open, it would be a good idea to park your car up against it to prevent it from swinging open.

You’re also going to want to patrol the fence on a regular basis to check for any possible infiltrations.

If the fence fails or you have not installed one, the next thing you need to do is reinforce your windows with either bars or tempered glass. Tempered glass is shatter proof; however, a group of zombies will eventually knock the entire window out of its pane. To prevent this you would need to install concrete or steel frames

If you live in an apartment building, there are not many things that you need to do if you live above the ground floor.

Step Two: Weapon Up

In a zombie combat situation, a good weapon will be something that is lightweight and highly effective.

The three best weapons in a zombie attack are a rifle with about 500 rounds, machine guns or sub-machine guns, and bludgeons.

(1) Rifle





(2) Machine gun







(3) Bludgeon















You will want to avoid weapons such as shotguns, grenades, and flame throwers.

Once you get your weapons supply, you will need other equipment. For instance, if the power goes out, a bicycle-powered generator will be a quiet way to generate electricity and also keep you fit. Take note of the following list of supplies:

  • Bicycle-powered generator
  • Portable electric stove
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Shortwave radio
  • Flash lights
  • Canned food – three per day
  • Advanced medical kit
  • Ear plugs
  • Entertainment

After you have done these provisions, you will need to be battle ready. This means being comfortable using all the equipment, being comfortable in combat situations so you can keep a level head, and being fit so you can endure a lengthy battle, jump a fence, or run long distances while carrying equipment.

So you’ve taken steps to reasonably prepare yourself for the zombie apocalypse, now what?

Step Three: Detection

Being aware of the early signs of a zombie apocalypse can go a long way to keeping you alive. Whether you are away from your home base or need some time to pick up supplies or loved ones, early detection can give you the time you need to implement your zombie plan.

There are 3 main ways to identify a zombie outbreak.

(1) Check the news for an abundance of homicides where the cause of death is due to a gun shot to the head or decapitation.

(2) Riots and civil unrest begin, without provocation. If there is no obvious catalyst for the violence, then it could indicate a zombie attack.

(3) Disease-based deaths in which the cause is undetermined or highly suspect. Even cases of West Nile virus or Mad Cow disease could indicate a cover up.

Once events like these occur, note the location and keep a watch for similar reports surrounding that original location. What you want to watch out for is how the law enforcement responds to such events. If they are more forceful that usual, there is a good chance that a zombie outbreak is unfolding.

Step Four: Survive!

Now that you know the basic preparation, what are you going to do to stay alive?


What is the first thing you would do if you found out about a Zombie Apocalypse?

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