How to Stand Out At The Club Without Looking Like A Fool

A nightclub can be one of the most intimidating places when you first enter; it is dark, the music is loud and everyone is drunk. This where most guys will go to meet people, in particular women. Now if you’re an average looking guy, how do you separate yourself from the rest of average looking guys in the club? Women don’t want to be with someone who’s average, they want someone who stands out. They don’t want a boy, they want a man. This post will give you some dos and don’ts when it comes to how to stand out at the club


  • Wear a nice watch, and no I am not talking about the Timex you got in grade school. You may not notice watches on men, but she does. Stay away from gold jewelry as a rule of thumb. A  black, or silver watch either metal or leather strapped will do nicely.
  • A nice pair of shoes can change your entire outfit, I would recommend dressing yourself from the feet up.
  • Be comfortable in your clothing, trying to dress up like something you are not will only lead to you looking horribly uncomfortable and having no confidence.
  • Simple isn’t bad as long as simple is sharp. Make sure everything is fitted to accentuate your best features. I.E. if you are heavier wear black to naturally slim, if you are thin don’t wear tight fitting V-necks, etc.
  • Fedoras, and crooked hats are a great way to eliminate yourself from a woman’s eyes as a possible suitor. Hats are great, when worn correctly; keep it simple on backwards or forwards. Please take the stickers off of your hat, unless you bought it that day there is no reason to have the stickers on it.
  • Running shoes and jeans do not go together. Your exercise shoes should be for exercising solely, go out and spend 80-100 dollars on casual shoes that you can wear out to the bar.
  • Don’t wear too much of one colour. There is a tendency for guys to have one colour dominate their outfit from head to toe; this is not good, it ends up making you look like a giant crayon.



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