How to Impress Her on the First Date


Let’s face it: first impressions are everything and you obviously got her number so you have passed the first test. Now all you have to do is keep her interested. Challenging? Not as much as one may think! Men often believe women are hard to please because they are notorious for having high expectations. Despite the fact that this may be true on some occasions, for the most part, all that we gals really hope for is to find a guy who is respectful, kind hearted and good mannered. Call me old school but there is nothing more pleasing than to go on a date with a real gentleman.

What is considered a gentleman?

Girls enjoy feeling like they are special and taken care of, and this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to go broke over it. I’m not saying that you should run to the other side of the car to open her door after you park either, but at least treat her like a lady should be treated. People don’t say ‘it’s the little things that count’ for nothing. Pay attention to the details: open doors for her, say please and thank you, offer your jacket if it is cold. Remember her friend’s names when she tells you stories, make eye contact, and best of all: figure out her sense of humor and use it wisely.

Also, don’t limit your manners to only towards her, treat others around you with dignity and respect as well. There is nothing sexier than a guy who has enough confidence within himself to be at ease in any given situation. Prove that you are versatile, strike up a conversation with your waiter or waitress while you’re at dinner and show her you are capable of being outgoing and friendly. Take charge and be a man. (Hint, hint) This will show her that you’re good with the parents! A true gentleman makes sure that everyone is at ease in his presence. Every girl is impressed with a guy who has enough confidence to take the night in his hands and guide his date through an adventure, whatever it may be.

Want to score some extra brownie points?

If you want to throw a little spice into the mix then don’t be shy. I can’t say this for all girls but I love a little spontaneity. See if she’s willing to do something a little out of the ordinary with you, take a walk without making a destination. Show her that you’re capable of having fun with her and that she can feel safe with you no matter what she is doing.


For the love of god, please don’t take a girl to the movies on your first date. There is nothing more cliché than a cheesy, awkward first date at the cinema. What’s the point? Neither of you are really watching the movie, you’re both probably sitting there wondering if you should be holding hands, touching or weather or not you are eating too much of the popcorn. Maybe that’s just me, but there is no denying the fact that it is such a cop-out. Nothing is easier than sitting beside a girl and not talking to her (cough, LAME), and then just reminiscing about the movie afterwards. Instead, do something that forces you guys to talk and figure each other out.

Last but not least, the best way to impress a girl is to be you, even if the truth is utterly embarrassing at times. As long as you are being sincere, there is no reason that she shouldn’t like you for who you really are. And remember, if you’re nervous: wine always helps!

Written for CAVE by Brittany Maclean



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