How to Deal with a Bad X-Mas Gift.

Yes it’s the season of giving, but that also means it is the season of receiving as well. I am not one who banks on how expensive the gift I’m being given is, but I am the one who will judge the amount of thought put into a gift selection. To put this in perspective, I received a pen last year for Christmas, ya you read it right and no I didn’t hand write you a letter with my super duper pen. I conveniently misplaced the pen like every other pen I have ever had. Enough with that ball point bull shit for a second and back to the issue at hand. When you are sitting around the tree, or when you go to exchange gifts with your girlfriend, how do you react when she gives you a gift that not only are you never going to use, but that you may give away?

It’s a delicate situation, because you should be happy for any gift you receive, and there is someone out there who is doing worse off than you, but for some reason you’re pissed. You put a lot of effort into picking a gift for her and in return you get 5 free hug coupons. The only thought put into that gift was the thought that struck her December 24th when she thought, “Oh shit, I forgot to buy him something.”

What you have to do may be one of the hardest things for you to do but you’re a man. You have to look at whoever bought you that gift, smile and say, “thank you, I really like it.” You have to say with complete sincerity too, you don’t have a choice. Ultimately this is one of the lies you tell to avoid months of comments about how you are unappreciative. Take it on the chin, then go out and buy yourself what you wanted for Christmas, if her birthday is coming around, guess who might be getting 5 free, “stay in and watch a movie night” coupons? Ya you guessed it, your loving girlfriend.

There is always next year and if that doesn’t work there is always the next girl.

Stay Golden Ponyboy.





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