How many Tags do you really need on your Fitted?

Slave Mentality, when you’re conditioned to do something against your own understanding and liking, but do it because all of those you relate to do it. Its a very dangerous state of mind, and a definite head shrinker.Slave mentality goes with many things, like what you watch on TV, what drinks you buy, and how you speak. It simplifies a persons individuality and categorizes them. Toronto is a major copycat city, with as much “multiculturalism”, that people boast about, there’s still an omission of individuality.

I’m going to devote this brief post to a trend that I see up close and personal way more than I’d like. Keeping the ugly ass stickers on your fitted cap.

Keeping the stickers on the top of the brim, is some sucker shit and its just not for me. Why not also keep the plastic covering on a beef patty? or price tag displayed on a car at a dealership after you purchase it? There’s no sense in keeping overbearing and pointless tags on clothes and hats, just as it makes no sense on cars and food.

When People see me without my hat’s sticker, there’s often a sudden urge on their part to state/ask “well, how do you know that your hat’s official?” At the point of hearing this, I grow more concern for their future or current children, than I already for them. Their brains have already been farted on by popular culture.

Why do you need to keep an ugly sticky on a hat to “certify” it? Since when did leaving the tag on anything boost the legitimacy? Most people don’t even know why they keep the stickers on the top, they just see it in music videos and follow suit.

The irony in this is, when you purchase a fitted in a store, you own it, you’re allowed to take that ugly shit off. Rappers in the videos do not own the caps, and will give them right back to stores for consumers to place on their shrunken heads, desperate to emulate their heroes in the music industry. It makes no sense to follow the lead of somebody who isn’t fully immersed in what they’re doing. You’re basically a pawn (chess term for the simple folks).

Wearing a fitted cap is fine and a great way to show allegiance to a city or team or just to complete a wardrobe. Do yourself a favour, take the damn stickers off, it only makes the hat dirtier and its official the stamps of the not only 59/50 but also “the follower”. Nobody needs to see the tags to believe you own the cap or you need to verify its “realness”, its on your head, that’s enough. Don’t be afraid to be an individual just for a bit.




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