How Important is Sex to a Relationship?


Is a good sexual relationship with your partner the key to longevity? Or is it having a strong emotional connection?

These are questions that have no definite answers. Sex is important, but sex is only part of the relationship. Yes, you should be sexually charged towards your partner, though you should also have a strong emotional connection if the relationship is to venture outside of the bedroom walls. Having shared interests and enjoying each others company is as important as sex to a relationship. If you cannot stand hanging out with your partner aside from sex, then it is probably time to call it quits, or at least define some boundaries for the relationship.

Sex is also a great stress reliever. A large amount of fights between partners are solved through sex, so lets not undervalue its role in the entire relationship. It ultimately comes down to balance. Finding one person to fill both our emotional and sexual desires is the goal. Aside from stress, sex makes your partner feel sexy. This is important for regular sexual activity and general day-to-day confidence. The lack of sexual intercourse, can cause insecurities to grow or for your partner to search elsewhere for sex. Sex and emotion are what ignite a relationship. And both take turns fueling a long-lasting relationship. So there is nothing wrong with starting a fire, just know what keeps it burning.

What do you think? Is it a 50/50 split between sex and the rest? Is it different? Let us know in the comments section below.



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  • MS says:

    Completely agree. There should be balance between the two for a relationship to sustain the ebbs and flows of life. Sharing interests and enjoying your partner's company is key in the foundation of a well functioning relationship, however sex with your partner increases closeness and intimacy which are imperative in successful relationships.

    I think that it isn't always a 5050 split between the two, people and couples vary in their needs within relationships. Some people need more of one than the other. They key is determining what it is that you need, communicating it to your partner and finding the right balance for both of you.

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