Home for the Holidays: Use Your Time Wisely

 It’s the most wonderful time of the year; people are nicer, happier and more energetic. This article is for those who live away from home and are heading home for the holidays. I am writing this to you during a flight from Toronto to Vancouver.  Me, like many others around the country are heading home for the holidays, some of us have to travel under an hour to get home, while others must travel for hours. Regardless of the distance you need to plan your time accordingly. Once the New Year is upon us, we will be busy with trying to fulfill resolutions, and pursuing new goals, so we must appreciate the holiday season.

It is about relaxing and enjoying the company of friends and family, though how do you divide your time between the two effectively? It’s a tall measure to fulfill because you feel as if you owe time to everyone, and you do want see everyone before your trip ends. The best way to make sure you see everyone who is important to you is to schedule out your trip, don’t have days where you just do nothing, because you will have days over the next few months where you can simply, “do nothing.” Get up early, get your double double coffee and go see the people important to you. There may not be time for hours with each person, but sitting at Starbucks over a coffee and catching up is sometimes all you need. If you are like me and you only have a few days to enjoy the company of friends and family, then make the most of those days, smile, laugh, and enjoy the time you have with your loved ones. Besides, having a beer with your dad isn’t bad from time to time.




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