Guybrow Grooming: DOs and DON’Ts

When it comes to making a good impression at a graduation party or the first week of college, eyebrows can make a big impact on your appearance. However, most men shy away from brow grooming in fear of looking too “done” or feminine.

Sumita Batra, grooming expert and CEO of Ziba, experts in the Art of Threading, offers three quick, no-fuss tips to guybrow grooming:

DON’T shave.

Most men resort to shaving to groom their brows. However, just as a beard grows in stubbly, the brows will do the same, often looking messier when they grow back in and/or resulting in painful ingrown hairs.

DO groom sparingly.

Instead of shaving, use a tweezer and pluck very sparingly. This means removing obvious stray hairs that are noticeably out of place. If you are inclined to go see an expert, brow threading usually produces a much more natural groomed look than waxing. Whether you pluck at home or seek a brow expert, remember to avoid highly accentuated arches. The goal is to achieve a clean, natural look.

DON’T use the old spit trick.

You know that classic move where a guy licks his fingers to “groom” his eyebrows? It needs to stop. Up until now, there hasn’t been any real solution to taming a guy’s brows beyond applying spit or hair gel, which often appears flaky soon after application. Applying a clear brow wax, like Ziba’s Brow Set ($11), helps keep guybrows groomed, sans spit. Unruly brows are no match for this non-sticky, natural wax pencil that won’t flake or leave a sticky residue.

Hope this helps you guys. Happy grooming!



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