Growth – Letter from the Editor

School is something we are trained to do, from kindergarten until we graduate High-school/College/University then you’re on your own. I have formed many friendships over my time in school. The large majority of these friends will complete their university degree this month and then what? The constant reference to, “Real Life,” sends nerves through the spines of most Seniors on campuses all over the world.

The thoughts and feeling associated with, “Real Life,” are similar to the thoughts and feelings we experienced before our first day of school. We asked ourselves the questions, “Will I fit in?” “Will I make friends?” We probably told our parents that we felt sick the night before to avoid going. Now facing, “Real Life,” these questions have changed slightly, “Will I get into grad school? “Will I find work with my degree?” “Where will I live?”

It’s not knowing what lies next on the path of life that scares us. After elementary school, it was high school, then it was off to University. Now with the degree hanging on the wall, where to next? The next step in life isn’t usually associated with fun, more so with the message of hard work. Working hard towards something over the coming years is supposed to set you up for success later in life. I agree with this, but why can’t we enjoy the process? We shouldn’t work the hardest, we should work the smartest. Meaning, we should be doing what we want to over the coming years. Ask yourself before enrolling in grad school, “Do I want to do this or am I prolonging ‘Real Life?'” “What is the purpose behind this job I have?” If you don’t enjoy your major, don’t proceed to grad school. If you don’t enjoy your profession, why spend 40 hours of every week doing something you don’t like? Your life path is no longer prescribed to you as it was from Birth until Senior year. It is completely in your hands from now on.

Let’s not associate the next 5-7 years with only hard work. Let’s also associate this time with growth. It is the first time for many of us to do whatever we please. We all have big dreams and want to accomplish great things. Whether it is spending time in third world countries helping those less fortunate, owning your own business, or finishing grad school, the experience is yours.

Think about the changes you have gone through from your freshman year until today. You are probably a much different person on your last day of classes compared to the person you were on your first day. So, keep experiencing new things, keep loving, keep laughing and keep growing.






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