Gameplay For GTA 5 Revealed

GTA 5 Gameplay

In the gaming world, Rockstar is one of the biggest teases; revealing only a few pieces of concept art, screenshots and a couple of trailers.

No gameplay.

Never a chance to see the game in action before it comes out. Rockstar has a long standing tradition in tormenting us for more details than some flashy trailers (which to be fair, are pretty awesome).

At E3 last month, they didn’t even have a presence. This is odd, especially so close (September) to the launch of the next Grand Theft Auto.

After all the crazy things they’ve been promising, including a huge open world and three simultaneous characters to switch back and forth from, people were begging for them to show ‘some’ gameplay.

Well, they listened.

Today at 10:00am eastern time, Rockstar released the first gameplay trailer ever for the much anticipated Grand Theft Auto 5.

Check it out and let us know what you think, I’m personally glad I pre-ordered it months ago.



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