I don’t fear rejection. I fear never asking.

So many times in life we are put in a situation whether it is with a job, a woman or our personal life, where there is opportunity to excel. Too many times will we miss these opportunities because we are too afraid to take a chance. I firmly believe in second chances, but not when it comes to first impressions. You don’t have a second chance to meet a woman or a potential employer/client. You have one shot, so why not make the most of it. Living comfortably is living without truly experiencing life. If you want a raise, ask for one, if the pretty girl the building walks by you again, stop her and get her name. You may think that’s it weird to talk to a stranger, but everytime you don’t talk to her, she remains just that; a stranger. You might say everything happens for a reason, and if its bound to happen it will.  I’m going to let Bruce Lee respond to that reasoning, “to hell with circumstances, I create opportunity.” If you want something go for it, if it doesn’t workout then at least you know and you are not left thinking “what if?”

Don’t fear the outcome, fear never knowing the outcome.



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